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Our services

Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Exercise ECG 

We offer comprehensive diagnostics of your cardiovascular system through ECG and Exercise ECG. The ECG visualizes the electrical impulses of your heart. The analysis of these images allows us to draw conclusions about particular conditions of the heart. 

Exercise ECG allows doing the ECG during physical exercise. This diagnostic is used for analysis and treatment control for patients with coronary heart conditions, and cardiac arrhythmia, and hypertension. In addition to the diagnosis of these common conditions, ECG is also used in order to check the strength of the heart prior to some operations. We also use ECG in order to control the capacity of your heart in general conditions, in order to be able to prevent any problems from arising. 


Ultrasound Imaging of the Abdomen and the Thyroid Gland

We use a modern ultrasound machine in order to provide visual images of inner organs without any risk to the patient. This diagnostic method visualizes changes in the organism that may result from a range of medical conditions. 


Ultrasound of the Abdomen 

We investigate inner organs such as liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, and lymph nodes. 


Ultrasound of the Thyroid Gland

Ultrasound visualizes changes to the thyroid gland, which may result from tumors, cysts, and inflammations. 


Lung Function Tests 

These methods are used to analyze the capacity of your lungs. They are used for the diagnosis of medical conditions of the respiratory system, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. 


Preventive Medical Services

We offer check-ups in order to prevent any conditions from emerging. These may include a physical examination, comprehensive blood tests, ECG, exercise ECG, ultrasound of the abdomen and the thyroid gland, and lung function test. The statutory health insurances in Germany recommend a biannual check-up for patients over 35 years of age. This includes the taking of your medical history, physical examination, and blood tests with respect to glucose and cholesterol. Annual check-ups are usually included in private insurance coverage.


Skin Cancer Screening 

Patients over 35 years of age are entitled to a comprehensive screening of their skin on a biannual basis. Through this process, we examine your skin to detect early signs of cancer. This examination is included in all standard medical insurance packages. 


Cancer Prevention for Male Patients 

The examination is recommended for men aged 45 and over on an annual basis. This examination is included in all standard insurance packages. It can be complemented by the diagnosis of the PSA value of the blood. This includes both a urological examination and an examination of so-called occult blood in a stool sample. 


Acupuncture (TCM Acupuncture and Acupuncture according to Nogier) 

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment method that has its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been used successfully for many centuries for the treatment of pain and migraines, allergies, chronic inflammations, and many functional conditions. Depending on the condition treated, acupuncture is included in many, but not in all medical insurance packages. We offer two types of acupuncture, namely TCM acupuncture and acupuncture according to Nogier. 


TCM Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine extremely thin stainless steel needles are inserted at particular nodes of the body surface with the objective to regulate the flow of energy and thereby to rebalance the patient’s physical functions. 


Acupuncture according to Nogier 

This approach, named after the French physician Paul Nogier, involves the acupuncture of the ear. Dr. Nogier recognized that the nerve tracts coalesce around the ear. On the basis of this insight, he developed modern ear acupuncture. 


Pain Therapy

In contrast to acute pain, chronic pain has lost its warning function and thus requires a special therapeutic treatment. Special pain therapy helps avoid pain from becoming a chronic condition in the first place. 


Alternative Forms of Treatment

This group of treatments helps to regulate the functions of the human organism. They are used for preventive purposes, as well as for the therapy of functional conditions. They can also be applied as supplementary treatments in the context of physical conditions. 


Neural Therapy according to Huneke

This approach has proven particularly useful for the treatment of conditions that have shown themselves resistant to other therapeutic methods. Although the public health insurances in Germany cover the costs of neural therapy only in rare circumstances, it is important to us that every patient who needs this therapy can benefit from it. Please let us know if you would like to know more about it. 


Nutritional Medicine

We are what we eat. In all medical approaches, nutrition plays a central role. And food that is good for us even tastes well! There is a broad range of nutrition approaches for specific therapeutic conditions. We advise you on what the right one is for you. 


Geriatric Medicine

This medical specialism relates to those conditions that emerge primarily in advanced age. The aim of geriatric medicine is to ensure optimum quality of life to senior citizens. 


Bio-identical Hormone Therapy 

This therapy involves the application of pharmaceutical substances that are identical in their chemical structure and function to those produced by the human body itself. The use of these substances is appropriate when a diagnosis reveals that the patient has a lack of hormones. The great advantage of bio-identical hormones is that they have far fewer side-effects than synthetic hormones.