Gemeinschaftspraxis Weißkirchen

Fachärzte für Allgemeinmedizin

Dr. med. Dorothee Richter
Dr. med. Sabine Nolting

Weißkirchener Straße 112
61440 Oberursel / Taunus

Tel. 06171 71733
Fax 06171 74137


Welcome to our practice

We are a modern GP practice based in Oberursel-Weisskirchen. We serve people of all age groups. Our practice offers a comprehensive range of medical and therapeutic services, including diagnostic check-ups. We know that good medical care requires a close relationship between patients and medical professionals. Each patient has their own needs, and we make sure that you get the time and attention that you deserve. 

Our premises are based on the ground floor of Weisskirchener Strasse 112, making it easy for people with disabilities to enter the practice. Moreover, there are parking places right in front of the building, as well as in the back yard. We also offer house visits for those unable to visit the practice. Furthermore, we provide medical care to various nursery homes in Oberursel. We welcome patients with both public and private insurance coverage.